Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies can cause stress, especially if you do not yet have a dentist in Castle Hills, TX that you have established a relationship with.

If you are new to the area, or just looking for a new dental home, and you experience a dental emergency, we encourage you to call Hillcrest Dental. We treat dental emergencies quickly, often on the same day.

Emergency Dentistry | Lewisville TXWhen Is Tooth Pain an Emergency?

Anytime you experience dental pain, you should seek dental care. Pain is your body’s way of asking you to take notice and alerting you that something is wrong. Because a hard layer of enamel protects our teeth, tooth pain often only occurs once a condition is well advanced.

Some of the most common dental emergencies we treat in our Lewisville dental office include:

  • A broken or cracked tooth
  • A lost restoration
  • Damage to a restoration
  • Periodontal pain
  • Infection within your tooth
  • Swelling of the jaw or face
  • Accidental tooth loss

If you experience a problem, contacting our office immediately will allow you to receive the best care as efficiently as possible.

Emergency Dental Services | Dallas TXYour Dental Emergency Exam

When you call our office and describe your dental emergency, our knowledgeable dental team will ask the appropriate questions to determine if a dental emergency exam is necessary.

When you arrive to our office, we will immediately take a dental x-ray to assist Dr. Namrata Shah with her diagnosis. Once she performs a dental exam, she will determine the cause of your discomfort and focus on restoring your health and comfort in that area.

In most cases, we can complete treatment on the spot and you will begin to feel relief on the same day. In other cases, we may need to schedule a follow-up appointment to complete treatment.

Dental Extractions

Even in emergency situations, we do our best to save your natural tooth whenever possible. Sometimes, however, if your condition is advanced or your tooth is broken beneath your gumline, we may need to extract your tooth.

Dr. Shah is gentle and experienced with all types of dental extractions. She can often perform this service in the comfort of our office without the need for a referral. Not only will she remove your tooth, provide follow-up care instructions, and monitor your healing, she will also provide you with tooth replacement options to restore your smile.

Are You Experiencing Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain rarely goes away on its own, so don’t delay! Contact us to schedule your emergency dental appointment so that we can restore your health, comfort, and appearance quickly.

Once your dental emergency is resolved, we will invite you to become a regular patient in our office so that you can avoid additional dental emergencies in the future.