Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy | Lewisville TXRoot canals are an important procedures for saving a patient’s tooth. Often, they get a bad reputation because patients who do experience an infection within their tooth associate root canals with pain.

In reality, however, root canal therapy relieves pain and helps your tooth heal. Often, without root canal therapy, an extraction may be the only option.

Dr. Namrata Shah takes great care to ensure your root canal therapy is both comfortable and effective. Because Dr. Shah has training and experience in root canal therapy, she can treat your condition in our office without the need for a referral.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Your teeth have several layers – enamel, dentin, and the nerve housed within the root of your tooth. Occasionally, your nerve can suffer from infection. The cause of the infection may be deep decay, clenching and grinding, periodontal disease, trauma, or it may even be unknown.

Typically, the first signs of an internal infection include pain, swelling, and sensitivity to hot and cold. Pain may be low-level at first and increase with time. You might also feel increased pain when you chew. Swelling often accompanies pain from an infection. Swelling creates pressure and may increase discomfort.

Diagnosing the Need for Root Canal TreatmentRoot Canals | Lewisville TX

When you call our office to schedule an emergency dental exam, please let us know when your pain started, the location of your pain, and any known cause. This will allow us to set up for your arrival when we will greet you and take a dental x-ray to assist Dr. Shah with a diagnosis. If an x-ray is insufficient, we will conduct additional testing to determine the necessity of root canal therapy.

Root Canal Treatment

Before Dr. Shah gets started, she will completely numb your tooth to ensure your comfort. She will access the internal root canal of your tooth to clean out any signs of bacteria, infection, and diseased tissues.

Dr. Shah will apply medication to your root canal to assist your body with healing and prevent re-infection. A temporary restoration will seal out food particles and contamination.

What to Expect Following Root Canal Treatment

After your root canal, you may feel slight sensitivity for a few days, but you will gradually feel more and more comfortable. Dr. Shah will schedule a follow-up exam to ensure that your tooth is free of infection. At that time, we will recommend a permanent restoration to protect your tooth. In many cases, a dental crown provides the highest level of protection and can prolong the life of your tooth.

Are You Experiencing Tooth Pain?

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